+++Challenge 4 STILL LIFE: Thread 2: Contnuation.++++++

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+++Challenge 4 STILL LIFE: Thread 2: Contnuation.++++++

THANKS to all who contributed to the first thread, here is the continuation.

In the classical sense a studio type setup of inanimate objects of your choice, reminiscent of the masters of paint or sculpture if you will but we will try to generalize this to include most anyones Ideas. Again the people (voters) will decide if the picture fits the category and if it is worthy of their vote; so dont feel hampered by the subject.

Fruit, Flowers, dishes, vases, hobbys, etc, could be incorporated as an example.

Full studio lighting, window lighting, or natural outdoor lighting; you are the maker and creator. let your budget and/or experience be you guide here.

I thank UMC for the format here; the following is a cut and paste of the last challenge thread. If any problems, questions or suggestions feel free.

I will try to work out the gallery details today (ie: new gallery heading, etc) at the smugmug site. IF anyone wants to hel[p here, much appreciated (umc, Miguel?). Kudos to Miguel for this smugmug space!.

Using your D70 (only), submit your entry to this thread along with an explanation and a titlle if you choose. Submit up to three photos for judging to this thread and at the end of one weeks time the voting will begin. Post processing is allowed, the voters will decide if it is appropriate.IMPORTANT: Before uploading your photo’s just anywhere, Miguel G has provided a smugmug account for us to use for these challenges. You can find the site here: http://www.d70.smugmug.com/ This is where you will have to upload your pictures for them to count in this challenge. Once they are uploaded to the appropriate gallery you can link them to the posts just as you would from a pbase account or other website.

The user information for http://www.d70.smugmug.com/ is: nikond70@earthlink.net for the email and the password is D70sRock (case sensitive) again the site is:

email: nikond70@earthlink.net
password: D70sRock (case sensitive)

This is a site for all to use ONLY to post images in the Challenge galleries. Please be respectful and careful of not deleting images posted by others when the galleries are created.

That is where you are to upload your pictures to. More info on that in a bit.

After seeing how well things worked with the Peoples Choice vote on the last challenge I would like that be the only way we vote on this challenge. After the week of shooting pictures and submitting photo’s there will be three days of voting for your favorite with a final tally on the third day and announcement to follow. In the event of a tie we will have a one day extension of just the tying photos for everyone to vote on.

IMPORTANT: For you vote to count you will need to be logged out of smugmug at the time of voting. Go to the one picture that you want to vote for while logged out and click on the comments button underneath the picture on the next page you will have a place to type your “name”, please use your dpreview name for this in the name field. It says optional on the page but for the sake of validating voters please make sure you use your dpreview name for your vote to count. If you don’t use your dpreview name or forget to put something in that field it will show up as “guest” and those will not count so this is very important. If your vote shows up as “guest” that’s ok, just leave another comment and make sure to type your name in the “name” field.

Once you have done that click on the add comment button at the button and you’re done. Thanks for voting.

You will cast your vote in the form of a comment to the picture of your choice. You can only vote once and for only one picture. You will signify your vote in the comment by using the text “I vote for this one” or something similar and feel free to leave more elaborate comments too.

There was some confusion in the last challenge around the voting and I hope that the above it clear, one vote per picture per person and using the word “vote” for it to count.


Subject/Theme: Personal Pastimes

Camera: D70 (only)

Lens: Any

Flash: Sure

Post Processing: Try not to

Timing: One week of taking photos starting today. Immediately following the close of submissions voting will start and last for three days.

Submissions: Upload your pictures to: http://www.d70.smugmug.com/ for them to count.

Login Info for Smugmug: email: nikond70@earthlink.net
Password: D70sRock (case sensitive)

Voting: All Peoples Choice
One vote per person per picture
Use the word “vote” for your vote to count
Vote in the form of a comment for your favorite picture while
logged out of Smugmug and make sure to put your dpreview
name in the "name" field for it to count.

Winner: On the final day of voting I will tally up the votes and announce the winner.

Time of Tally: TBD


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