Don't you think.. (Nikon Capture)

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free NC + free 1GB CF Card + free lenses + free laptop + ...


or in the real world one might observe that

(1) the D70 is a great value already and
(2) that it would cost more with Nikon Capture included and
(3) that Nikon Capture is not required by everyone who buys a D70 and

(4) that those who own multiple Nikon cameras might not want to buy Capture everytime they by a new Nikon camera ...

or one can live in fantasy land and wish for more free stuff.

Bottom Line: Either NC is worth another $99 and you buy it or it is not and you don't. I'm glad I have the choice.


NickABusey wrote:

That if we're going to be spending $1,500 on a camera, then they
can give us the software to use it for free? Or is it just me?

  • Nick Busey

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