Sony always one generation behind ?

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Frank C. Veteran Member • Posts: 6,666
Sony always one generation behind ?

Didn't it strike any of you that Sony's newest Cybershot
cameras ( P30,P50,S75 ) are offering now what several
other cameras have already offered over a year ago, ie:
full manual mode, manual focussing, ISO locking, push
button WB. For instance, the N950/990 and Oly 3030 has
had these features from the very start... Besides, the S75
is still missing neat features like multi-zone focussing, matrix
metering, best shot selector, preset WBs, and burst mode
( although I can understand the lack of this considering
the S75's agressive price point). I imagine these items be
offered in the S80 in 2002 !!???

So what has Sony introduced in the new Cybershot
cameras that has really advanced the state of digital
photography? ans: nothing. At least the G1 has a neat
ISO 50 mode with D30 inherited noise suppression
going for it. It also has a practical swivel design. What I'm
looking forward to is the Nikon 990 replacement that
( rumour has it ) will be introduced this summer. Look
out for some major innovations on Nikon's part. Nikon
has a rich tradition in photography ( more than Sony
does ) and they also have a history of being more
sensitive to their customer's needs. re- firmware upgrades
and excellent consumer relations .

The N990 replacement may well be the announcement
of the year that'll send ripples throughout the industry,
unless of course Sony has been working on a secretive
"SLR" replacement to the already legendary 505V....

( keeping fingers crossed on that one.... )

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