Video editors for the S1

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Video editors for the S1

As promised, here is the result of a (superficial) investigation into video editors capable of editing S1 video files. I have used Pinnacle Studio for years with a DV camcorder. Unfortunately, its versions 8 and 9 are unable to deal with the S1 MJPEG format. Well, may be it is fortunate because I am discovering some other great tools.

I looked at Ulead VideoStudio 7 because someone in this forum said that it handled well the S1 format. (Version 8 refused to install on my PC and Ulead does not support their trial software). I had a brief look at Ulead MediaStudio.

I spent some times in the very useful forum. From there, I decided to look at PureMotion EditStudio 4 and the Sony line Screenblast 3 and Vega 4.

I had given-up on Adobe Premier sometimes ago. It often crashes and it is extremely complex. Someone in this forum had reported that it could not even open an S1 movie file. From the Videohelp forum, many users have similar problems with this system.

I did not look at Pinnacle LiquidMotion. May be I should. But it is a professional (expensive) package and I did not find much reference to it in the Videohelp forum.

My criteria are basic. I want to produce good quality DVD files. I need to clip my videos, add titles and a bit of music. I do want to clean-up the sound, and this has turned out to be a decisive factor in my selection. With my camcorder and with my S1 digicam, I can get decent video quality but the sound track is full of wind noise, poor dynamic adjustments between speakers and silences are replaced by amplified noise.

Ulead VideoStudio 7

I could not find a good way to clean-up the sounds in VideoStudio 7 (even after reading its user manual). Otherwise, it is a good package. It is extremely fast at producing DVD (3 times faster than the others). Some users in Videohelp are questioning the quality of the DVD’s produced. I did not see any obvious problem.

Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7

I could not find a way to go directly from the S1 MJPEG to DVD in MediaStudio. I did not pursue it much because I found some really attractive alternatives.

Puremotion EditStudio 4

It does everything I need, including some basic sound editing. It is very complete, although its price is under $100. It is my second choice, and I will come back to it, if with experience, I hit a snag with my first choice.

Sony Screenblast 3

This is my first choice. A simple low cost system that does everything I want and much more. The sound editing blew me away. Not only one can add a volume envelope to adjust the sound level, but one can also add a Pan envelope, so that the speech of one subject can be directed to the stereo left speaker while the other subject goes to the right. This is the tip of the iceberg; there are a lot of other features that I am eager to try.

Screenblast is very stable, more stable than Ulead or Pinnacle. It works well even on low powered PC (I tested it on a Pentium 550). However, a point of caution: It is very slow at rendering to DVD. On the Pentium 550, 7 seconds took 2 minutes. Puremotion EditStudio has the same problem. That would have made them impractical; however, I am installing a new powerful PC, so I think it will not be an issue. If you have an older PC, you might prefer to stick with Ulead VideoStudio.

Sony Vega 4 and 5

People are raving about this product in the Videohelp forum. I was able to use it right away without looking at the manual. It is similar to Screenblast in its simple mode, and then, it has a huge functionality to do many things than I dont understand. For me, it is overkill. But it is good to know, that if I develop a project in Screenblast and I need something that Screenblast cannot do, then I can transfer it to Vega.

So here it is. My next project is to study Screenblast, in depth.


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