Expensive snapshots or good composition

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My 2 cents

In my experience most of us (including me) have to take a lot of photographs to get a few now and then that really work. You will never have experience if you don't keep trying, experiementing, and trying to see things in different ways. It is often a picture I took on a wim, just to try it or experiment, that hit me later as WOW That's cool. Books on composition are useful, they open up possibilities, but also unique compositions sometimes work. So I say have fun and your work will positively surprise you. Like any creative craftsman, there are stretches when nothing works right, but other times when you amaze yourself. You are clearly trying to see things in different ways and your pics are interesting. Keep it up!


celezionka wrote:

I appreciate the encouragement!

As far as the critics go, I've spent the last 4 years of my life as
a medical student, the last 5 being married -- I'm getting pretty
good at taking harsh criticism

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