Fix stuck pixels with PS 5?

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Re: Fix stuck pixels with PS 5?

I have to admit that I have never done this myself, but the technique to correct for "hot" pixels (a more correct description than "stuck pixels) in Photoshop 5 is as follows:

1) Take your photographs as normal

2) Take another photograph with the lens completely covered with dark card or a lens cap, and the longest possible exposure, and highest possible gain (ISO.)
3) Download the images and open both in photoshop.

4) Paste the "black" image in as another layer to your photograph, and give it a "difference" belnding method - this is on the layer palette.

5) Adjust the opacity of the black layer until the hot pixels in the photograph look correct.

A few notes:

1) This method only applies if you problem is with specific pixels that are too hot - not random noise, which changes from image to image.

2) The images must be the exact same pixel size, as the pixels on the CCD must align between images.

3) If possible, take your black image in uncompressed (TIFF) mode for best results.

4) This problem tends to occur on long exposures, and can be seen with higher gain (ISO) on the CCD, as some pixels on any CCD will tend to be more sensitive than others. I believe that it is related to temperature variations on the surface of the CCD, hence the term "hot pixels." The name sort of reminds me of a net-porn site, don't you think.

Hope this helps

I have heard that by subtracting a dark frame (lens cap on / 8sec
exposure) from an image you can easily correct stuck pixels. Can someone
please list the steps on how to do this this using PhotoShop 5?

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