Crystal Optics, anyone else?

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Michael Meissner
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Re: Crystal Optics, anyone else?

braver wrote:

About Crystal/Vision Optics -- it is the titanium add-on lenses
saying hi-res. I got Crystal Optics macro and tele, saying Vision,
for my 8080, and they really are strange in operation -- both
need full tele zoom to avoid vignetting, tele does just a bit of
extra magnification instead of 2x labelled, and macro baffles me as
the 8080 does the same macroing without the convertor as with it on
full zoom! There's a detachable lens at the bottom of the convertor
-- what is it for? I am surprised that they are so useless while
apparently of good mechanical and optical quality. They are
advertised for camcorders as well, but are they of any use with
8080? How do the original Oly converters compare?

IMHO, the main use of Crystal Optics or Titanium lenses is to indicate a shop you should have no further dealings with. I'm sorry, but I've never seen a post saying they were anything but junk. Generally, the Olympus lenses are regarded as high quality, and much higher in price.

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