FLASH list update (as per request)

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FLASH list update (as per request)

The 950 manual lists the following flashes that work on the 950--> 28-26-25-24-22s-22. I've been following several other threads to see what others are using. One "Pro" photographer who had the SB-18+22+28 said he liked the 18 best - I got an SB-18 as well from ebay. The official Nikon site often refuses posts mentioning other brand flashes (because it won't recommend them)

Others I have found here and on Steve's site and from e-mails include:

Cullman 36F (Micha Roos)
Sunpak 433D (Mischa Roos)
Metz 28AF-4n with AF assist (David Lee) good info
Canon Speedlite 155A (with adapters- Kevin)
Mecablitz 45 CT-5 with adapters (Andy Hedin)
Metz 40MZ-3i (Juri Munkki)
Sunpak 266D (Bryan Biggers) also a great web page on flash
Sunpak 355AF (Dan Lauring)

I feel from these replys that ANY flach meant for use with a film Nikon would "probably" also work with the 950. Also, most of the "other" flashes would require somekind of "nikon" adapter

I have still not seen a list (in one place) of other flashes that work on the 950. I have also seen a that mentions a Vivitar 285.

If SOMEONE ELSE uses an "other" flash with your 950 would you post a reply here so we could get a real "list" going. After all, used Sunpaks would probably go cheaper than a Nikon!

By the way, I am not recommending any flash here other than the SB-18 which I use and like. The rest are only what I have culled from posts on the various sites.

I vote external flash with the 950 as the no-redeye winner!

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