Guide: How to do InfraRed with D70

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Guide: How to do InfraRed with D70

After the great response on my last IR thread ( ), I will try to summarize my hints for Infrared photograpy with Nikon D70:


Now, if you want to do some colour IR, I would recommend using a filter that cuts rays at a wavelength near visible light. I use Hoya R72 IR Filter which cuts at 720 nm.

When to use IR Filters?

You will achieve your best results at a very sunny day with some nicely shaped clouds and blue sky. Take pictures with the sun in the back and find some very sunny spots, not too much shadow. Though this is when you will get the best results, you can also take IRs in different situations, e.g. inside a dark pub with flash light. But this isn't easy.

White Balance:

You should not use Auto WB - this will give you acceptable results most of the time but not the optimum. Do a manual WB as described in the manual. Do the WB on a sunny spot of grass or on the blue sky.

Camera Settings:

I use only "M" Manual Mode. If you want to use another mode this is possible but you need to correct the exposure because metering does not work correctly through the filter.
On a very sunny day, you should try these settings:
ISO 200
Aperture 8
Time 2 Seconds (for the Hoya R72 only)

Take a picture and zoom in on the camera display. If you feel the contrasts are ok than it's fine. Otherwise play around with different exposure times.

Ensure that the camera is in M-Mode. Otherwise you will have to adjust the exposure (EV).


I like blue skies with snowy landscape. Now after you shot your picture it will have gray and red tones. You will have to do a channel shift and to adjust colours/tones.

I have once described this in a picture with screenshots (Photoshop - german version). I have replaced the german words in the screenshots now.


I hope you like this, if you have further questions, read my previous thread ( ) or post your question here.
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