Shay - do use a strobaframe and what flash do you use

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You need an umbrella

It sounds like an umbrella would be just the ticket. It provides nice soft light without harsh shadows. They are inexpensive, and all you need is a light stand and a holder for the flash. This kind of setup is what I am thinking of:

Of course you don't need to use the pocket wizard to trigger the light, a simple hotshoe to pc cord adapter will do the trick. Just get or make a cord that will fit the hotshoe adapter you get and the flash you are using.

The umbrella and flash unit connect to the hotshoe/umbrella mount. The mount connects to the light stand and allows the flash to fire into the umbrella. You can also pivot the mount up or down to get the desired angle of the light where you want it. Very hand little thing.

Some of the pieces:

Umbrella/shoe mount

10' light stand

48" Translucent white umbrella

That setup would be light and portable and won't break the bank either. But it will allow you to use the umbrella as shown in bounce mode or take off the black cover and use it as a shoot through umbrella for different effects. Very versatile and will provide the soft type of lighting that would compliment the baby photos very nicely and lend themselves to a very professional look.

If you get more into flash photography, a light meter will become indispensable. Really, it's true I use a Sekonic L-358 and highly recommend it.

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