San Francisco Buildings and Macro Shots

Started May 7, 2004 | Discussions thread
montydog Senior Member • Posts: 1,597
Excellent photos, Bruce

Excellent photos, Bruce - I too like macro shots... spend some dosh on a 105mm macro lens - which is lovely.

However, I did try a Hoya +4 (front) filter - it was OK, but very limited DoF and the quality was "limited".

In the past I've used extension tubes (on my AE-1 etc.) but they tend to loose a fair bit of light, and also suffer DoF etc. limitations - but are probably better than the Hoya filter.

So: buy a macro lens if you can, it's really the best.

Try a filter - you'll then see why extension tubes are probably a better 2nd choice - for me, anyway

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Regards, Paul.

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