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Re: My Granddaughter

Hi Brad,

Thank you so much for your help. My D70 is one week old and this is my first DSLR so you are a big help for me. I am in here everyday to try to get the best things out of D70.

Again, thank you and have a good weekend. Post some more pictures of your granddaughter. I like your style.

Brad Neal wrote:

What about white balance and Otimize image? I am trying to find a
way for direct print as sharp as possible. I know there is direct
print option in the camera but someone has mention about using
custom and then set contrast, tone, hue, saturation and other
options. Any suggestion?

Hi Hyniem,

I have never had much luck with the direct print options. Although
the D70 is as close to having a printable image right out of the
camera as I have seen, it's still not perfect. If your shots are
for the church directory or other publication, you'll probably want
to make at least some adjustments. However, if they are simply
snapshots of different events, maybe you will be satisfied enough
with what you are getting.

As for white balance, I am using Auto as long as I am using either
the pop-up flash or the SB800. If you are going to use the slow
shutter, wide aperture, and bounce technique that I mentioned
above, the ambient light will influence the overall color of your
image. For example, if you are in a room lit with fluorescent
bulbs, you will have a slight green cast. Personally, that doesn't
bother me unless it gets way out of hand. I'd rather have the soft
lighting than perfect color. If that is an issue for you, you'll
probably want to shoot RAW, and make adjustments in Nikon Capture.

As for the other options that you mentioned, I have only had the
D70 for a short time and have not messed around with the tone, hue,
and saturation settings in the camera. One caveat that I have
noticed with regard to the D70 is that I think it does tend to over
saturate a bit using the default settings.

Hope that helps.


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