Error E24 on Powershot G3 and power problems

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Re: Error E24 on Powershot G3 and power problems

If there ever was a clear answer,

Thank you,


breaker wrote:

Frans Wiegers wrote:

My Powershot G3 (16 months old, just out of guarantee) suddenly
broke down:

  • Symptoms like the batterie was dead.

  • After a full reload (LED was green) the battery still looked dead.

  • Putting the battery in my G5 proved that the battery was OK.

  • Suddenly the G3 was alive for only 1 shot and an errormessage E24

flashed up and the camera went out again.
-I also checks checked several CF cards, that didn't help.

I looked in the forum as well as I could, but couldn't find any
mention of E24.

Anybody seen this before (and repaired it), or should I just bring
the camera in for repair?


Frans Wiegers
Canon Powershot G3 / G5

well unfortunately E24 indicates some electronic error on some
cicruit board inside the camera and I'm affraid that the only thing
you can do it to send it to a Canon service center...

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