Unlocking files in Photoshop CS

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Locking and unlocking files in Mac OS X finder


The "read" vs. "read and write" setting is for ownership and permissions, which is a Unix multi-user file system file property. That's different than the locked flag on a file. The ownership settings determines which user on the system the file belongs to, and the permissions setting determines what read/write access privileges each user has to the file. In unix you can allow the owner and different groups of users different access to the file. For example, the owner might be allowed to read or write, but other users might have read-only access.

If you select a file or group of files in the finder and press command I (or select get info in the file menu) you should see a couple of checkboxes on the get info box that appears, to the left and a little less than halfway down. One checkbox is "stationery pad" and the other is "locked." Ignore the "stationery pad" checkbox for now.

If you select more than one file before doing a get info, you can lock or unlock all of the selected files at once. If all the files have the same locked/unlocked state, the checkbox will either be unchecked (for not locked) or checked (if all the files are locked.) If some are locked and some are unlocked, you'll see a dash in the checkbox. Click on the checkbox and the finder will force all the files be the same way. (I think it first sets them all to locked, but I might have that backwards).

Duncan C

JoshuaMB wrote:
I did actually figure out that if I go into the Finder and "get
info" on the files and select "read and write" as opposed to "read
only" (locked) then they will be unlocked.
I did relock a file and try the method you described, control+i (in
the file browser) and nothing happened but all the menus
Do you open the file and press control+i? Im not sure.
Im mac.

MiniV wrote:
If PC: right click on image and check off "read-only"
If Mac: select image, click control+i...or comand+i,and select
'"unlock image"

JoshuaMB wrote:

I have images that were color corrected and reburned to CD by my
lab. I downloaded the images to my harddrive.
When I open photoshop CS and view the images in the file browser
there is a lock symbol in the upper left corner of each thumbnail.
This isnt a problem in that I can open and work on the images but I
can't resave to the original. I know its a simple thing to do to
unlock the images, Ive read how to before but I havent done it and
so didnt retain it...
Does anyone know how to unlock them???

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