FCAS Submission African Iris 2

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FCAS Submission African Iris 2

FCAS Submission African Iris 2

This is a submission of a FCB picture of an African Iris or Fortnight Lily for consideration by the members of FCAS.

Here is the edited picture titled “African Iris 2” with a Black to Blue Gradient background.

EXIF Data:
CAMERA : E5700V1.1
SHUTTER : 1/72sec
EXP + - : 0.0
FOCAL LENGTH : f15.7mm(X1.0)
DATE : 2004.05.03 17:10
QUALITY : 2560x1920 NORMAL


Natural Light, setup with 2 pieces of Black FCB beneath and behind the flower, White FCB on the sides for light and to block the wind, CP5700 handheld propped on a saw horse, setup in flower bed, flower was not cut. See FYI below for why! See picture of “Setup Iris 2” below.

Here is the original unedited picture.

PhotoShop Elements 2 (PSE2) edits:

1. Adjusted levels to adjust white balance (WB) using Enhance> Adjust Brightness> Levels (Crtl-L)
2. Select FCB background with magic wand, low tolerance 10-30

3. Edit selection with Rectangular Marquee tool and Polygonal Lasso Tool to select all the background and none of the flower or stem
4. Inverse selection to select just the Iris flower and stem
5. Copy Iris to new layer, Copy, Levels> New> Layer via Copy

6. Duplicate Background, Right click on Background Layer and select Duplicate Layer

7. Gradient Fill Background with BLACK (0,0,0) to BLUE (51,51,153) point and click near the lower left 1/4 from the bottom and drag up to about the center of the Iris to the upper right.
8. Crop slightly to even up the area around the Iris

9. Select the Line Tool, set color to white and 10 pix width. Use the “Info” Tab to help with placement using x y coordinates. Draw a white line border around the flower in four sections.

10. Move the layer with the bottom white line above the layer with the flower so the white line covers up the bottom of the stem.
11. rotate 90 deg right to change the flower facing up
12. sharpen the layer with the Iris, UnSharpen Mask (USM) 100, 4, 5
13. add © and name
14. Save PostScript file type psd and jpeg QTY=10
15. Use NikonView to resize for the Web 1/9th original size, 2nd highest quality
16. Upload to PBASE.

FYI - African Iris or Fortnight Lily
Scientific Name: Dietes vegeta (L.) N.E. Br.
Synonym: Dietes iridioides, Moraea iridioides, Moraea vegeta
Family: Iridaceae
Recommended Temperature Zone: sunset: 8,9,11-24, USDA: 8b-11
Frost Tolerance: Hardy to 15°F (-10°C)

Sun Exposure: Full sun to light shade (light shade is definitely better in the hot desert)
Origin: Eastern Africa, Malawi,Tanzania
Growth Habits: Evergreen perennial to 4 feet high (1.2 m)

Watering Needs: Moderate to regular water, blooms more regularly with regular water
Propagation: Clump division in spring, seeds in spring or fall.
Blooming Habits: The 3-inch wide (7 cm) flowers are short lived (
Propagation: Divide clumps in the fall, or in winter. Self seed easily.

I appreciate the FCAS Member’s patients and help. I have leraned a lot and hope I shared my learning experience with others along the way.

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Cheers, Bill Creech
Houston, TX
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