Nikon 80-400 VR vs Canon 100-400 L USM IS

Started May 2, 2004 | Discussions thread
Mikhail Bogdanov Veteran Member • Posts: 5,829
Re: Nikon 80-400 VR vs Canon 100-400 L USM IS

Hi Peter,

Optically they are very similar. I have had 100-400 with 10D and now am using d70 with 80-400. Never done direct side-by-side comparison but here is some of my experience. 80-400 has some advantage at the long end when wide open, 100-400 tends to be slightly soft (for L lens) starting from 370-380, stopped down it's very sharp. 80-400 seems to be sharp when open thru all it's range. 80-400 has more neutral colors than 100-400 and it is a little bit more contrasty. AF speed of 80-400 on d70 and of 100-400 on 10d is pretty much the same, however 80-400 hunts more often and is more noisy than 100-400. With 100-400 almost always I was able to gain at least 3 stops, using 80-400 it's only about 2, maybe I'm not used to the lens yet.
Hope this helps

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