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This is a joke, right?

there are always people out there that are going to tell you or be
critical of you because it is not in the book, they do everything
by the book and they are for the most part followers not leaders.
build a better mousetrap and people will buy it.

C'mon, this is a joke thread, right? I mean, the time it would take you to apply the tape perfectly onto the sensor would be excruciating, wouldn't it? Compare it to about 3 to 5 seconds it takes to swab with methanol. I don't see how you can maneuver the tape in such a small area; you either need hands as small as a child's or you need to use forceps (one more thing I wouldn't put into my camera). And you're going to "push" it onto the sensor with any ole cut up piece of plastic? Have you properly decontaminated that piece of plastic before plunging it into the chamber? And the tape is not going to affect the coatings on the filters, right? I mean, are you CRAZY?

Fingerprints on a CCD or CMOS? Give me the name of one person with fingerprints or similar smudges on their sensor and I'll show you someone who should not be allowed to use a D-SLR, or drive a vehicle for that matter.

Attention ALL NEWBIES: please, please, please do not put tape on your sensor. Please realize that a piece of tape coming off of a spool is in no way shape or form as clean and contaminate-free as a properly handled PecPad. PERIOD! Do as much research as you can on this subject, please!

OK, everyone else who has no problem using this method, that's fine, but PLEASE, AGAIN, let the Newbies at least start with the time tested and proven-safe method of swabbing with PecPads and Eclipse. Then let them decide if this method needs any improvement, such as using tape. There are quite a few people swabbing with Eclipse and Pecpads at this time and they're getting 95% to 100% dust free sensors with absolutely ZERO harm done.

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