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Re: What does this firmware do?

I was at a photo show in Ottawa yesterday and had a chance to speak to the Konica-Minolta technical rep for Canada. He said the upgrade only deals with the converters and makes no changes to any other camera functions. That's why they are only providing the firmware with purchases of their own teleconverters.

By the way, he knows about the Ax FAQ on pbase.com and speaks highly of it.


Klaudio wrote:
Hi Geir,

I read that it has to do with Teleconverters, which I use a lot.

Anyone having any instructions for this firmware?

It adds a menu in the Setup that allows to specify if you are using
a lens accesory (converter). On the A1/A2 you can say if it is the
wide or the tele, on the D7x you can only say if you have any

1- It implements vignette compensation at certain focal
lenght/aperture, so if you have a converter that has a"slight"
darkening at the corners it may help (as long as it happens with
the same combination of values as in the ACT/ACW).

See http://www.pbase.com/image/28401732

2- it reports correctly the focal lenght in the Exif data (only if
you teleconver is either 0.8 or 1.5 ...) btw this is true only on
the A1/A2 where on the D7x series (for which Minolta also
distribute firmware with the converter) the focal lenght is

There have been speculation of a better performing AS with the
teleconverter option enabled, but AFAIK nobody has done any
detailed verification of this.


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