minolta A1 firmware 1.10e/u download link

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Re: AS test under way

erlend wrote:

First, thanks a lot to siuba for telling us about the firmware
being available on the web!


rpjones9 wrote:

Am I underestanding correctly? Will this 1.10 Firmware upgrade
improve performance with ANY tele/WA converter such as .8x Ily 08b
or 1.8x Raynox?
...Bob Jones

Since the upgraded camera (an A1 in my case) now thinks that an ACT 100, which is 1.5x, is mounted, I should imagine that it will work best with non-Minolta lenses that are of similar strength. As a quick first test I of my Oly A200 (1.5x) i shot with AS at speeds of 400, 200, 100 and 60. While none of the slower speeds were quite as sharp as the 400, they were all very similar to one another and quite useable. I then shot at 100 and at 60: (a) with the menu set to "teleconverter" and with AS, (b) with menu setting and without AS, (c) menu set to "none" and with AS. (d) menu "none" and without AS.

Of course (d) produced hopeless blurs, while (c) was also blurred - as expected since before the upgrade I couldn't shoot slower than 160 without blur, but less than (d). The (b) pix fell somewhere between (c) and (d) and the (a) pictures were, as in the first test, pretty good.
Quite satisfying results!


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