Neat Image magic on ISO1600 feathers

Started Apr 30, 2004 | Discussions thread
Henderpete Regular Member • Posts: 147
Re: comparing detail

I see MORE detail in the right image.

fotochop wrote:
hi, there's less detail in the right image? I can't see that.
perhaps more fine jagged edges about the filtered image, but
details are retained. the camera was pointing through a fine wire
mesh fence too, which adds to the general blur.

will try some more 1600iso and neat image tests soon.

misha wrote:

fotochop wrote:

discovered neat image recently, very impressed with how it handled
the grainy original. passed the image back and fourth a few times
between heavy-ish amounts of unsharp mask in photoshop, and neat
image. reducing the neat image strength each generation.

migiht buy full version of neat image so can save to tif files.

Good result, but it does introduce some smudging/blurring in your
example, removing a bit of detail.

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