minolta A1 firmware 1.10e/u download link

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Re: ** How is it working for A2 as well? ** HELP

Has anyone else download the japanese version for the A2? How is it working? What was your prvious firmware version before upgrading? Mines currently ver 1.00e

So would upgrading with the firmware (Japanese version) change to firmware to 1.10e or 1.10j?

Klaudio wrote:
No, what has been posted here is only for A1.

The firmware for the A2 is different and A2 1.1 can be downloaded
from the Minolta Japanese site (link above in one of the posts)
since they have now unified firmware version (single file does e, u


Dimensions of Mind wrote:
Well, from the names "mlt16" it is definitely A1 upgrade files and
worked just fine for my A1.
Just wondering how it is working for A2 as well.
Does it mean that A1 and A2 have same firmwares? How could it be?
Dont they need to include something additional in the A2 firmware
for some features that A2 provides over A1 .. say Faster AF, DOF
preview etc.?

If yes then wouldn't A2 users upgrading to 1.10 using the A1
upgrade files will adversely affect their firmware capabilities?

or is it that features do not depend on firmware? I think and
believe that they do .. they have to be .. how on erath otherwise
is it possible?


siuba wrote:



enjoy it

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