minolta A1 firmware 1.10e/u download link

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Re: What does this firmware do?

Hi Geir,

I read that it has to do with Teleconverters, which I use a lot.

Anyone having any instructions for this firmware?

It adds a menu in the Setup that allows to specify if you are using a lens accesory (converter). On the A1/A2 you can say if it is the wide or the tele, on the D7x you can only say if you have any attached.

1- It implements vignette compensation at certain focal lenght/aperture, so if you have a converter that has a"slight" darkening at the corners it may help (as long as it happens with the same combination of values as in the ACT/ACW).

See http://www.pbase.com/image/28401732

2- it reports correctly the focal lenght in the Exif data (only if you teleconver is either 0.8 or 1.5 ...) btw this is true only on the A1/A2 where on the D7x series (for which Minolta also distribute firmware with the converter) the focal lenght is unaffected

There have been speculation of a better performing AS with the teleconverter option enabled, but AFAIK nobody has done any detailed verification of this.


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