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Re: How do you copy it on Flashcard?

Yes. Rename the file to mlt16.app and copy it to the flash card in the top directory. You should have two things then.

DCIM (the folder)

Put the flash card in and power up with the camera set to play mode.

No guarantees but it worked fine on my A1

Good Luck

Dimensions of Mind wrote:
Do you simply copy it from the computer where Falshcard is plugged
into CF1/2 card slot?

Did you apply this for A1?


sjm817 wrote:
Rename the mlt16us.app to mlt16.app. Worked for me.

Gretar Ivarsson wrote:
Thanks for the info, but I´ve gone through this and I never get
past section 6, the upgrade dialog box never appears. Do you know
what the difference is between the km003.app file and the
mlt16us.app. I´ve tried both. By the way I´m using the US version
of 1.02

Romulus wrote:
Just for information, here are the instructions for the A2
copied from a Minolta Manual.

That's exactly what I made on my A2 (not A1 !!!) and the camera and
myself we did survive.

I'm in no way responsible if either or both of you don't survive
the upgrade.

(A few years ago I killed one of my PCs motherboard with a BIOS

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from the Manual
How to update the Firmware of the DiMAGE Capture for DiMAGE A2?
To check the DiMAGE A2 firmware version, highlight the section 1
of the setup menu, and press the display information (i+) button.
The version is displayed under the camera name.

1. Please prepare the CF card for updating firmware.
2. Copy km003.app and km003.brd to the root directory of the CF Card.
3. With the camera off, insert the prepared CF card.
4. Confirm the mode switch is in the play back position.
5. Turn the camera on.
6. The update dialog box is displayed on the camera’s LCD
Please follow the instruction of the update dialog box.
7. When the updating-completed message appears, the updating
procedure is complete.
Turn the camera off.
Remove the CF card.
If the updating-completed message does not appear within 10 minutes,
an error occurred during the procedure.
Turn the camera off and remove the batteries or disconnect the AC
Repeat the procedure from step 1.
8. If the version of the DiMAGE A2 firmware is Ver.1.10, the
firmware has been updated successfully.

Dimensions of Mind wrote:
Did you use the files on the sites in this thread on your A1/2?

How to do this? I downloaded these files on my computer.
How do I upgrade my A1 firmware from here?
Do I have to copy these files on a Flashcard?

Can you please give me the instructions?

Klaudio, you have the actual firmware. How is it bunled? Is it on
CD? or Flashcard? Can you share the instructions set file that
comes with it?

On applying this apart from the firmware version change what else
should I notice on my A1? Where does the teleconverter setting

Please help


siuba wrote:



enjoy it


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