minolta A1 firmware 1.10e/u download link

Started Apr 26, 2004 | Discussions thread
Sam - UK Regular Member • Posts: 184
I want this for TCON17/Raynox 2020

That is why I am interested.
Thanx for your tips

Klaudio wrote:

Dimensions of Mind wrote:

Did you use the files on the sites in this thread on your A1/2?

How to do this? I downloaded these files on my computer.
How do I upgrade my A1 firmware from here?
Do I have to copy these files on a Flashcard?

Can you please give me the instructions?

Klaudio, you have the actual firmware. How is it bunled? Is it on
CD? or Flashcard? Can you share the instructions set file that
comes with it?

On applying this apart from the firmware version change what else
should I notice on my A1? Where does the teleconverter setting

Please help

Hi Sam,

my suggestion is that you do not upgrade as I mentioned above in
the thread. The upgrade is for the teleconverteres and it comes in
a CD within the box, so unless you have a teleconverter it's not
really beneficial. I have not used anything else referred in this
thread personally.

If you decide to try, the Minolta site should have the instructions
on the firmware download page (I don't have them in electronic
format). After the upgrade you will see firware version 1.10 and
you will have a new setup menu (#5) which allow you to specify a
Lens.Acc (none, tele and wide).

Again if you do not need to or are not familiar with firmware, I
would not upgrade.


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