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Kristian, Romulus, Klaudio: How to apply this to A1?

Did you use the files on the sites in this thread on your A1/2?

How to do this? I downloaded these files on my computer.
How do I upgrade my A1 firmware from here?
Do I have to copy these files on a Flashcard?

Can you please give me the instructions?

Klaudio, you have the actual firmware. How is it bunled? Is it on CD? or Flashcard? Can you share the instructions set file that comes with it?

On applying this apart from the firmware version change what else should I notice on my A1? Where does the teleconverter setting apears?

Please help


Romulus wrote:

From different Minolta sources, I find the same firmware files:
02/18/2004 02:13p 3,804,016 KM003.app
01/15/2004 07:53p 2,704 KM003.brd

I made a file compare (FC) between the files from the Capture SDK CD
and the download from Minolta Japan site

The files are IDENTICAL.

After firmware upgrade, the A2 tells me 1.10e r034e

Best regards,

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