DX6490 Firmware Wishlist

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Re: DX6490 Firmware Wishlist

We can always say "this camera would be perfect if..." or "If only it has..."
But still, we can only choose between those available to us in stores...

I'm sure Kodak has its own reason for the "heavily compression". And I really don't mind. I always observe my photos with 100% zoom. For me they look great.

I've done some major comparison between 6490, 750, FZ10, and Z1 before I purchase 6490. Reading reviews, see raw results, hear what others have to say in dpreview forums, try them out in stores... No regrets here...

And so, as jm_mac said, good luck with whatever you choose!


jnrob wrote:
Hi jm_mac,

I understand the pros and cons of both cameras. In fact I
particularly like the Kodak´s ease of use. That´s why I am trying
to point out the financial advantages (=sales) for Kodak in
releasing less agressive jpeg compression firmware. I just think
there is a group of potential customers who like the Kodak´s ease
of use, who do not need all the manual controls of the Oly, but
that want the extra picture detail. Even if you do not make huge
enlargements, you can perfectly want to crop a small part of the
picture. In that case detail would be important.
It is not my intent to bash the DX6490; on the contrary I have seen
plenty of beautiful pictures at pbase.com and others taken with
this cam.
I just want it to be as good as possible.


I looked at the full size sample shots in StevesDigicam reviews for
these cameras.

jm_mac wrote:

Hi jnrob,

It is great your are doing your due diligence with research such as
looking at and comparing sample shots.

I understand somewhat your reasoning for choosing the Oly (wanting
all the picture quality you can get for your money). But if you
never make a huge enlargement, you will never notice the difference
(I myself have made many 8x10, and others here have gone to 20x30
with their 6490 enlargements). Plus, the tradeoff is "ease of
use." Both the Oly and the 6490 were on my short list. The Oly,
however, has a reputation for being hard to use. Plus it didn't
feel nearly as comfortable in my hand, so I bought the 6490 and I
am still happy with my choice (even after all the new cameras were
introduced this past spring).

So there are other considerations to consider in addition to the
artifact issues, and all of them could be very important to how
much you are satisfied with your camera.

In any case, good luck with whatever you choose!


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