minolta A1 firmware 1.10e/u download link

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Re: minolta A1 firmware 1.10e/u download link


I reported that underexposed flash was fixed, I was wrong. It's still there but it's not as underexposed as before. I can really use without flash compensation. I think they fix the step of flash output.
On 1.10, I notice flash are much more consistant that 1.00.

One noticeable different is LCD and EVF brightness. I can set the brightnest in the middle of the bar as opposed to privious I must set to 2 in the left.

Klaudio wrote:
It's the firmware with support for the converters (and I think some
minor variation for the Capture app on the A2) . Some people have
also reported that it fixes an underexposure problem with flash on
the A2, but these are all unsubtantiated reports since I do not
have an A2 to verify them.

From what I see on my ACW CD the A2 firmware is now distributed in
single format, so the downladable from the Japanse site should work
also for Europe and US.

The A1 and the other versions are still different based on the
country, so the links above seem correct.

KMinolta so far (except for the Japanese branch) has decided to
bundle the update with the converter or the Capture sw, and not
make it widely available for download.


ozi wrote:

And.... 1.10e for A2 - WHERE IT IS?
Why not its in http://www minolta'?

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