To 300D or To Pro1 ?

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To 300D or To Pro1 ?

Hello all ,

Well - Hope that you'll be able to help me .

I own a G2 camera for more than 2 and half years . I was and still am very pleased with its results .

But , since I'm a "details freak" I decided to move on to a 6M DLSR or 8M digicam .

Since I like Canon a lot , I think to choose one of the two : Rebel or Pro1 .

I take mostly indoor shots but not only (also low outdoor lights ) . I'm already equiped with a Canon speedlight (420) that give excellent results with my G2 .

I like a lot Rebel's manual zoom , since it give you the possibility to zoom faster and take fast shots , think that is not so possible with a digicam .

I like also the sharpness and the fact that the DLSR pictures has less noises than the digicams , much less ...even if you compare IS050 of the Digicams with the ISO100 of the DSLR .

In the other hand , since I've used for so long the G2 that has a great flip LCD and never used its EVF, I really don't know how fast I'll be able to "forget" the LCD it since with the DSLR you use for shooting only the EVF ...

And how about the details issue : Is the 8M digicam giving more details than the 6M DSLR ? I know that they are using different sensors and collor matrix , but how it influences their picture details and picture quality ?

If anyone of you own the both , Pro1 and Rebel and can give me a good comparation between the two I'll be very thankfull .

Thanks in advance !

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