B&H and 1D2

Started Apr 20, 2004 | Discussions thread
Jason Hutchinson Forum Pro • Posts: 12,177
oh, it's YOU

You know, I could have sworn I remembered this game. Turns out it's good old John from the 10d forum, who's life long mission is to expose the evil B&H. I guess that answers the question of whether he is playing stupid or not. The game will continue I guess.


John Mackintosh wrote:

"PLEASE DO NOT ask me when or how many. In part I cannot answer and
in part I may not, buy either way, I will not."
I didn't ask how many, or when. You must have me confused with
someone else. Or, you didn't understand what I was asking. I asked
if everyone who has prepaid for their 1D2 back in March, if they
would be getting it from your first allotment. It's a simple
question. Not very hard to answer. Yes, no, don't know, I know but
am not telling, are the choices.

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