New things for DDDD/Damian D from Monday

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Re: Congrats! :)

jody rondonuwu wrote:
Mr. D, best wishes to you too on your new job...

One of the beauty of internet forum is that we can read/reply it
whenever we have the time. I really don't mind if someday you would
reply on a month old thread... just to helping out...

I also think that this forum is a bit too crowdy now. It's not a
bad thing, it's great! But now I really don't have the time to read
all of the threads...

Again, good luck on your career, and thanks for your insights all
of this time...


Damian D wrote:

For the regulars to the Kodak forum that know me:

It's been just over a year since I joined the dpreview forums but
as of Monday I'll be concentrating my time on something new, which
means it's highly likely that you may not see me here.


Having said that I will need to continue to understand/appreciate
imaging from an end users perspective so I'll continue to surf here
at least from time to time as I'll be helping to make better
imaging products in the telecoms industry for a well known handset

I'll miss some of the banter although I can't say the same for some
of the brand bashers, although I think collectively most of them
have been banished at the wish of those who frequent this very
useful resource.

very best wishes to you all and may you continue to enjoy the world
of digital imaging and the real escence of photography, the
photograph itself and not the equipment.


Congratulations Damian and all the best for the future.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.

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