Best way to bounce a 550EX?

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Re: Best way to bounce a 550EX?

I prefer the Lumiquest myself but be aware that ETTL -2 will offer MUCH improved bounced flash results when you get your 1D Mk II and it works great with the Lumiquest softbox. On a difficult shot like the one below ETTL-2 managed a correct exposure when bounced while the old ETTL would have underexposed it.

joheru wrote:

I am shooting with a D10 and A2E and have a 1DMkII on order. In
addition to other types, I dabble in interior home design
photography. I currently use two linked 550EX (with transistor
pack sometimes) as flashes, but sometimes the direct and ceiling
bounced flash is too harsh. I understand that there are some
portable flash bouces and difusers that are availabler but don't
know much about them. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear
them before I sink values cash into one.

BTW, Interior I typically use the 16-35L and am consiodering
getting the 24-70L.

Thanks in advance

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