For Iliah Borg - D100 Characteristic Curves Test

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Re: For Iliah Borg - D100 Characteristic Curves Test

Tom wrote:

Point taken. I guess my lack of a good enough math background to really understand how you do your calculations tends to get in my way. Since you put it in a way, that I can understand the reasoning of why you are doing this, it is much clearer. If it wasn't for you mathamaticians were would we be?
Thanks photogenic and all you geniuses out there.

Tom Judd
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I love this Forum!!!

fotogenetic wrote:
It helps to know he dynamic range of the sensor so you know how
much EV compensation to use when metering for highlights. For
example, with the results of my tests, I know that if I want to
spot meter off the feathers of a swan in bright sunlight without
blowing highlights, I can spot meter with +2.0 or +2.5 EV
compensation and get what I want. It just so happens that there
are a lot of people who have problems in the same type of situation
because they do not know the characteristics of their sensor.

Knowledge can only help!

Tom Judd wrote:

You guys are freaking me out. Can I still take good images without
knowing how to do the math? Yes, I think I can. Sometimes to much
is put into something when it really dose not matter for the
average guy, like me. ;> ). Thanks for all the hard work
photogenic. I do use your curves, because I like the result, I will
leave the rocket science to someone else.

Tom Judd
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I love this Forum!!!

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