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Re: D100 Characteristic Curves Test

Would you care to say more about what you find necessary for good offset printing (either in terms of curves or post-processing)? Thanks.


Iliah Borg wrote:
Banal findings:
From the curves you created it is IMHO very definite that Nikon
goes with nearly 12%, and all the custom curves are applying TRC to
bring 12% to about 20-22%. Shifting custom curves to the right 0.5
eV brings them to pretty good match to the "normal" curve, exept
for the shoulder, which results in preserving highlights due to
extra room. It is also pretty obvious that trying to keep lower
noise levels, "normal" curve renders shadows darker then they
should be. And thus the smooth curve renders higher gamma in
midtones and highlights, compressing them. Shoulder of custom
curves come very close to Gretag-Macbeth recommended rendition of
highlights, having RGB=249 up to D=.23, which regular gamma 2.2
curve would render to approx. 200 This demands for a sharper
contrast in midtones, rendering them more punchy. From the point of
view of printing and tone separation "normal" curve is not very
good. For photoprinting custom curves seem to provide more pleasant
images. For offset printing... all the tone curves need extensive

I hope I understood your question below.

Would you be able to compare the tonality of the D100 with that of
Velvia or Provia using the Excel spreadsheet I created?

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