For Iliah Borg - D100 Characteristic Curves Test

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Re: For Iliah Borg - D100 Characteristic Curves Test

Would you be able to compare the tonality of the D100 with that of Velvia or Provia using the Excel spreadsheet I created?

Iliah Borg wrote:
Great. Really wonderful.

I tried to overlay a plot of reproduction (target) values of RGB as
a function of D for gammas 1.8 and 2.2:

  • for eV from -5 to +3.5

  • D (density) = = -LOG(exp.calibration)-eV/LOG(10;2)

(exp.calibration here can be 0.12 and 0.18, for example)

  • RGB = =255/10^(D/gamma)

Not too funny... Even with 12%.

to convert from EV to Log Exposure.

It is log of relative exposure, 0.5eV = 0.16 log H
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