Just remapped 5700's CCD.....

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Re: Number of hot pixels..

Impossible to predict. You can reduce the number of remapped pixels
by cooling the camera a couple of hours in a cold garage or
something like that. Than connect the camera to your computer,
remap and you should have the lowest possible remap number for your
CCD at that time.

I never understood why you would want to do this though...I would
rather have the camera as hot as possible, giving me the worst of
the worst case scenario, and have it map the worst 512, then be
stuck with a bunch of pics somewhere later on down the road that
have a hot pixel because it was a warm day...

A matter of personal preference probably. I did some remaps and compared the different results in a spreadsheet graph, and most of the remapped pixels were different in each remap, so i figured that it is a rather random process, with only the really hot pixels being remapped each time. So i went for as few remapped pixels as possible. Added advantage might be a small speed gain (less processing to do) and a few hundred pixels with their real luminosity value iso an average one. No big deal though..

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