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Camera repair cost from Canon.

MrBin wrote:

Jason Hutchinson wrote:

Dropped my G2 from about 5 feet tonight onto a hard carpet surface
tonight. It landed flat on the lens and instantly died. It
appears that the internal lens piece that used to be connected
(glued?) to the barrel near the front-most piece of glass has come

Now the lens is jammed (near the telephoto position) and the camera
won't even stay on in play mode. It just says "lens" after trying
to move the lens in or out... then shuts off.

Took it all apart... had it in about 30 pieces. I got to the point
where I pulled the lens from the body, but there is one last flat
ribbon-type cable holding it to the main circuit board. Because of
this, I wasn't able to take the lens apart to see if it could be
repaired because the screws are on the back of the lens. Didn't
feel like going further than this tonight... so I put it all back

Has anyone ever had their lens replaced from Canon, and have an
idea how much it costs? Obviously, this wouldn't be covered under

Ironically, I got my first 2 lenses for my future D60 today. I
guess if it's going to cost too much like greater than $400 to
fix.. I will spend the money on another lens for the D60 instead.
It's a shame either way.


P.S. Avoid the 300 volt 170uF capacitor inside the G2.... as it
was still charged to 147 volts when I checked it 1 hour after
removing the battery. That could sting a bit.

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We dropped our Canon G2 a few weeks ago and could not get it to zoom. After talking to customer service at Canon we sent it in for repair.

They have a standard $175 charge and fix and repair or replace needed parts. They replaced the front cover that cracked and part of the rear one and repaired and checked and calibrated the entire camera in a very short turn around time. It is fully warranteed for 3 months. They were very efficient and called when they received the camera. The camera looks and feels new. Quite worth the price paid. I hope this helps.

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