ir-modified 828 (pics and update)

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ir-modified 828 (pics and update)

hey ir-aholics

i'm back with good news. first of all, the focus issue that i told you about in the other thread turned out to be nothing. very happy about that, and maxmax is certain that they will mod the 828 to anyone's complete satisfaction. whew...

secondly: you guys asked me ( ) to see if i could get a break from for stf-ers. and i'm happy to report that i was able to do just that if you do a conversion you will get the xnitecc1 filter (the one that you use to shoot normal-color with) for free. not bad, considering i paid $78 for it. he said that this "stf-er special" was good till end of may, and that you should mention that you are from the stf when you order. best to order via emailing them from their website to ensure you get the deal. any questions, please, direct them to maxmax not me... i'm only a happy customer, i'm not affiliated with them ( ).

finally: i got some more filters to try out. i had been using the hoya r72, which has a 720nm cutoff. of course, it works great. but what maxmax told me was that if i tried their xdp filter, i'd be able to get some more color out of the ir in post. the xdp passes ir but also has a slight blue passband. instead of data only coming through on the red channel with a normal ir filter, data also comes in on the blue channel which increases detail. theoretically this should help us get some more colors out of these images in post. the below images were shot with the xdp filter.

now, a favor? how about daniel, luben, willem, daniella, jamesl, frank, and any other of you color-ir gurus (sorry if i left you off this short list, please help anyway!)...would you please email me, i'm going to put up a few images in a gallery on my website, and can you see what you can squeeze out of them for color? i'm afraid that i have a lot yet to learn about post-processing for color in ir so i'm not so hot at it. i guess i better read though the summary of stf ir techniques again ( )!!

i've also now got an 830nm filter, this should be good for reasonably bright outdoor environments giving more dramatic clouds than the hoya r72. i also have been experimenting with the 1000nm ir filter, but this is best used in bright, blazing sunlight and huge puffy white clouds for great drama. of course, using the 830nm or 1000nm filters cuts out a ton of light, so exposures are longer (to the point of sometimes needing a tripod with the 1000nm), but again, given the right conditions, i feel it's a good tool to have in the bag remember, for fastest shutter speed with the modified ir, you'll want to use your trusty hoya r72 or similar filter.

now, a few shots... taken today at nyc's bronx botanical gardens and the bronx zoo. ir-modified sony f828. xdp filter from maxmax on board. in post: just levels adjustments, contrast, usm (100, .4, 0). today's weather: bright sunshine, clear blue skies, no clouds. wind about 10-15 mph. you'll notice that the tree tips are still in focus, even though my shutter speed was slower today than last week's post. if i had been using the hoya r72, i would have been shooting about 3x faster i think. i left these images "as-is" so that the color-in-ir gurus could tell us if they think we can work with these...

1/125th sec, f/2.8

1/100th sec, f/2.2

1/160th sec, f/2,8

1/60th sec, f/2.8 (the polar bears were a bit frisky today heheheh)

( ) ir-modification explained in this thread:

( )

( ) the summary of stf ir techniques thread is here:

( ) disclaimer: i don't work for maxmax and am not affiliated in any way with this company. you make your own choices please

enjoy (full control ir) photography,

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