Hot pixel mapping for the C-2100 UZ works!

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Re: Read always returns the same defect pixels

But - and that might be the reason why it didn´t work in your case,
I used the defects reader version 0.12, not the 0.15!

Yes the 0.12 works for me too with the serial cable , but i did not use the fix action , just the read one. ( My CCD is New). 3 months old.

But I still feel I would like to say "Thank you" to that Russian
guy who made it! (Wasn´t one of the members of this forum in e-mail
contact with him?). I guess he saved us a lot of money enabling us
to do it ourselves and not having to send the UZI to Oly! And if
you know on how little money most people in Russia have to live,
wouldn´t it be a good idea if everybody who used his little program
would send him a few dollars? Or Euro, in my case? 1 or 5, no
matter how much, just to show him how much we appreciated his work!
If I knew where to send I sure would!

And if you all think this is not such a good idea, what about just
a nice postcard?
Has someone got his address?

A new "Counting thread"( like Bill´s or Olyboy´s ) would be
"How many of the OTF people used this program to remap their UZIs?"

Good idea :-))


PS.: Thinking about it today, I would suggest the "postcard
version", because the banking fees for transfering money to Russia
are probably more than the little sums we would transfer.

What do you folks think? Who´s got his address?


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