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brianhare wrote:

Got your attention didn't I James....

I have a question,,,i know this has been beaten to death but i
need to know this...

People are complaining Kodak won't release a firmware up date for
the DX6490 on the compression issue...

What would a little lower compression on this/any cam do to a
pic,,,would it be greatly improved,,,or at all..

I could care less about RAW ,,,just wondering if the compression
was adjustable to a lower ratio what would happen,,,would it be
that much better when enlarging to say 11 x 14 or bigger...

I want to know so in the future when i upgrade my DX6490 what to
look for,,,,

I really like my macro-shots with this cam,,,really nice,,,great
color,,,,just wondering if an adjustable compression option would
make the cam that much better...

DX7630 should hold the answer as it does feature the standard Kodak compression ratio and a less compressed option. If anyone here has the DX7630 and can post twop identical images ntaken with the two compression settings we'll all know once and for all. I suspect you'll only see differences at higher than 100% magnifications.

best regards


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