Which Macro Lens to pick

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Re: Which Macro Lens to pick

Go with the 60mm micro for compactness, low price and short working distance, which allows you to use the built in flash. When extra working distance is needed, you can use a 7 element af teleconverter, which gives you the equivalent of a 120mm on a film camera and it iis exactly 180mm equivalent on a digital SLR. The converter does a very good job because it takes the center of an image, which is always best corrected for aberrations and then magnifies it 2 times. Gives very good results for a cheap price.

MaleManGuy wrote:

Hi Everyone...

Just wondering... I'd like to do some close-up work, flowers, small
birds, insects or whatever. I'd like to get a macro lens. The new
Tamron 180mm AF SP was suggested to me.($1339 CDN) The pics i saw
on here with a 105mm sigma looked really good too.(the butterflys).
Where's the best deals and what would you guys recommend for the


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