Muvo2 price info for fellow Brits !!

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Re: Muvo2 price info for fellow Brits !!

I have now recieved my 2x Muvo2's from and have extracted the microdrives (easy job!) and they work a treat!

I have since taken over 300 photos onto one of them and all looks great so far. Not really much slower than my old 128mb standard sandisk cards (I timed both and only 3 seconds slower for the red light to stop flashing after taking a 4 shot series).

It did make me smile when I first formatted the drive in the camera and saw the (999) shots remaining on the lcd!! I took about 250 shots before the counter actually started counting down...and this is in Large JPG mode...great stuff!!

Only slight drawback is that the battery does get drained a bit quicker...after about 280 shots (no flash) with a single battery.

I aim to use them for motorsports and airshows with the BG-E1 grip though so wont be a problem.

Hope this helps..

Dave G.

Frank R wrote:

Thank You Dave,
Due to seeing your post I ordered one yesterday, it seems to have
been despatched already, they are now down to four.

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