A2 holds its own v. 10D

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A2 holds its own v. 1Ds

I shoot with a 1Ds and an A2. Recently, my assistant was editing some of my work and said he couldn't always tell which camera shot which picture. (even at 100% viewing.)

So I did some tests. I mounted both cameras on tripods and shot some pictures. The 1Ds had a 28-135 lens (not an L lens but a lens I often use and think makes great images.) I used 64 ISO on the A2 and 100 ISO on the 1Ds.

Well I shot a scene outside my home at 28mm and 135mm and wide open and at f9. At 135mm, the A2 recorded about the same detail as the 1Ds. But the Canon lens showed more CA - red/green finging around bright window and door frames on a house. The A2 was clean! At 28mm, the Canon was a little sharper. At 28mm, both systems showed comparable amounts of purple fringing around tree barnches at the corner of the frames.

Now I'd expect some of my L lenses might do a little better, but I have always been very impressed by the 28-135 len's images even on 24x36 inch prints. And I never thought the images from my 16-35 L lens were much better. Eventually I'll compare the A2 to the 1Ds using the 70-200 2.8. But the point remains that the A2 is very good. (I have to work carefully with a 1Ds to beat it.)

The A2 has a little more distortion than I'd like - barrel at wide, pincushion at tele. But what can you expect from a 28-200? My 16-35mm has more barrel distortion at 16 and almost none at 28mm. But nothing is perfect.

The A2 can make staggeringly sharp photos - often too sharp, especially for portraits. I posted some samples, judge for yourself. I don't usually need more quality than this:


Also, I made a mistake on the captions. The color shot was at 100 ISO, the b/w one was at 125 ISO.

Yes I know the A2 is not nearly as good as the 1Ds at higher ISOs. But even at 400, the A2 makes very usable images after some noise processing. And there are things i can do with a 1Ds that I can't do with the A2. (And vice versa.)

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