Sych Speeds faster than 1/500 of a second with D70

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Re: SB-800 feature already? Cover contacts with?

Check this link for which contact should be covered:

It's totally diferent, in simple words, FP built in to SB800 only let you shoot in a very very short distance if the shutter speed is extremely fast(ie 1/8000s), and if the camara supports. But, this way allows full power output even the D70 is set to 1/8000s. Anyway, D70 doesn't support FP flash mode.

Drew Loker wrote:

I am looking forward to trying this. Also wondering how I can
utlize a sound trigger I have from a while back. My question is
about the SB-800. I thouhgt that this feature of ultra High Speed
Flash was already built in to the SB-800. I don't have my manual
with me...but I recall seing something in the manaul about it.

Is this different? Also, what have you used to cover the contacts?


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