Sych Speeds faster than 1/500 of a second with D70

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Re: Impressive!

There's no risk to damage either camera or flash unit. The X contacts are just two pins of a switch, in fact, flashes with ISO standard hotshoe could be attached to any brand of cameras except new model of Minolta.

Raymond Bradlau wrote:
I believe damage could be caused by the older Vivitar's since there
sync voltage can be very high (I use a Wein safe sync)

spiny wrote:

Now that is what I've been wondering about for the last few weeks .
How to get the SB800 to fire at faster than 1/500.

Previously, I read that you could do that with "dumb"
non-Speedlight flashes. And I was wondering about where my old
Vivitar flash was stored and if it still worked.This should save me
some time rummaging around.

Only one question though. If we keep doing this, is there any risk
of damage to the camera or the flash?

I have been "freezing" water but without the flash at 1/8000.

This little "mod"will provide me with more options.
Thanks. And to Oldpear too.

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