EXP-600 Iso comparison shots

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Similar to the impression I got from psalm27. But iso 400 could have been left out. And I'm not very happy with iso 200 either. The noise reduction reduced the detail of the grass, and causes visible sports on the roofs.
And there's a shift to more red in the middle two pictures...?


Leonardix wrote:

Thank's for posting the ISO variations.
They are very informative (it would be nice to see an indoor series
as well).

From the ISO pictures you provided this is my impression (when
viewed on screen in 100%):
50 ISO: Very good looking, noise almost invisible.
100 ISO: Noise noticable.
200 ISO: Noise very visible.
400 ISO: Very much noise, ugly.

(Just my personal impression based on provided images. I don't know
how it compares with other camera's.)

Unfortunately most reviews and galleries mainly post pictures in 50
ISO, so it's dificult to find any reference material for other
populair digicams.

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