EXP-600 Iso comparison shots

Started Mar 31, 2004 | Discussions thread
Barry Kernerman Senior Member • Posts: 1,442
Re: EXP-600 Iso comparison shots

Thanks for posting the comparative ISO shots.

Would it be possible to see the same type of comparison done in an indoor setting as well? Also, an indoor Portrait comparison group would be appreciated if you have the time.

It's clear that outdoors, ISO 50 and ISO 100 are quite good. Even ISO 200 is pretty good. One cannot expect ISO 400 shots will be great, as it isn't in other cameras as either. Even the new Leica digital is really good at its ISO 50 setting. So how can you expect this camera to be different?

g_mueller wrote:

ISO 50:

ISO 100:

ISO 200:

ISO 400:


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