EXP-600 Iso comparison shots

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Re: EXP-600 Iso comparison shots

The noise reducing algoritms do get stronger at iso 200 and 400 as the finer details in the picture are more blurry compared to iso 50. Still, I think iso 200 is both acceptable and usable, while iso 50 looks beautiful (for a consumer cam). Comparing with other digital cameras I don't think noise is any worse here.

Interestingly, the WB is not similar on the four pictures. Iso 100 and 200 are a little warmer than iso 50 and 400.

I've just ordered a EX P-600 myself to have a camera that I always can carry with me. I think I'll do most of the shooting at 3 mp and not 6 mp to save file space.

myspr wrote:
Hi Gerd,

thanks a lot. These are exactly the pictures i was looking for. For me
ISO50 an ISO100 looks OK, ISO200 might be acceptable for small
print-outs but ISO400 looks really awfull.

How would others rate these pictures?
Is the noise in ISO200 and ISO400 normal/better/worse compared to
other cameras, that only squeezes 4 or 5MP on a 1,8 CCD ?

g_mueller wrote:

ISO 50:

ISO 100:

ISO 200:

ISO 400:


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