EX-P600 review

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EX-P600 review

The German magazine 'Foto-Magazin' (www.fotomagazin.de) did a first review of the Casio EX-P600 in their April 2004 issue (based on a pre-production model).

+ Excellent user interface.
+ Manual focussing functions very well.
+ Startup time: 2 seconds.

+ Shutter lag incl. AF is 0.35s at Wide-Angle (in Tele AF takes some longer depending on lightning conditions and pre-set distance).

+ Auto whitebalance performed well in mixed light (indoors daylight+artificial light) situation.
+ EX-finder display is very informative showing all important information.

+ Obviously Casio managed to get the (with high pixel density expected) image noise under control. Till ISO 200 it only slightly increases, only at ISO 400 clearly visible.


  • Manual settings: Largest lens opening (F2.8) can not be combined with shortest shutter speed (1/2000s). Only from F5.6 and higher a shutter speed of 1/2000s is possible.

  • Zoom is a bit agressive.

+ Handling, equipment and speed leave allmost no wishes.
+ Overall conclusion of practical tests: VERY GOOD


  • Review was based on a EX-P600 pre-production model.

  • Image quality: Final conclusion on image quality is not yet possible because of pre-production model, but first impressions are good.

In one of their upcoming issues Foto-Magazin will post their final conclusions on EX-P600 image quality which will be based on laboratory tests.

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