should i buy the $300 550ex (imported)

Started Mar 28, 2004 | Discussions thread
OP JuSh80 Senior Member • Posts: 1,702
Re: BUY U S Warranty

i dont mind going to B&H coz i can snap some shots in nyc. $30 is a lot for me right now.

jim clarke wrote:
You are in NJ, There factory service is in NJ. For the price you
can have it drive to Jamesburg NJ and have it serviced.

JuSh80 wrote:
I live in NJ so even going to B&H is easy for me. now i remmeber
why i purchased the USA version of my 420ex coz it had a $15 rebate
making it equal to the imported model (even $5 cheaper).

by the way if i combine alienbee800 and 550ex will it have a
difference light cast or color temperature?

DaveCS wrote:

I'm throwing in my 2 cents
Yep.. get the import - cheaper and it's exactly the same as the USA
model (save for the warranty).
With me, I got the import model because I'm not even in the U.S. so
what's the point of having a U.S. warranty if I'm not going to be
shipping the item to the U.S.


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