Some info for the newcomers.....

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Some info for the newcomers.....

If the 10D (or the 300D, D60 or even the D30) is new to you then here are a few links that might provide some good exploring over the weekend (or during lunch at work!). They are not all 10D, D60, or D30 specific but you may find something of interest. Some you may know of...others may be worth a new peek.

The Nature Photographers online magazine site is a great site. For instance, here's a review of the Canon 50mm f/1.4 prime lens which is a beautiful lens and is worth considering.

Michael Reichmann is a landscape photographer based in Canada Tons of good reading.

Norman Koren has a site that seems to go on forever. He works the 10D and uses Picture Window Pro, which is an interesting alternative to Photoshop. Great articles here.

Neil Turner, based in the UK, has a great Canon site. If you are interested in portraits with style check his page out.

Don Cohen started out with a D30 and I believe is now using a 1D. He assembled a great site of images and information, especially useful for any new D30 owners.

Here's a page from that gives some reviews of some of Canon's glass.

BTW, was started by Philip Greenspun, who is a pioneer in marrying the art of photography with the technology of computers and the web. If you are intertested in some simple but powerful techniques to build a photojournalistic web page, check out his writings.
The entire site is great. Good learning pages for new SLR owners.

Gary Voth has put together a great online photo-essay worth taking a peek at. The 10D was his main camera he used on a recent trip to Africa.

Roger Cavanagh has a page worth spending some time on.

Looking for some Photoshop tips?

Here's some magazines that are worth checking out.....

The world of Canon EOS

Outdoor Photographer is very nice:

I've been getting Rangefinder ever since it came's good reading if you are interested in getting into portrait/wedding/event work sometime in your future

Shutterbug = tons of ads but still a goody (especially if you're into used equipment)

An easy-reading photo newsletter.....nice

Photoinsider has guts...not at all like the Popular Photography crowd.

Check out PhotoTechniques if you mix film and digital

DoubleTake is a full-course meal of good reading and good images.
If Shakespeare was alive and was a photographer he'd be in it

Into Black & White?

From England, here's a resource that allows you to exhibit & sell online

A short list (I'm getting tired of typing) of very good stuff... online magazines that are aimed at photographers of all ages and levels

Some Manufacturers Links...

And finally, you may know Michael Tapes from his Picture Flow site where he specializes in raw converters. But he also has a little site dating back a bit which has a couple of interesting articles:

Check out the Layer Blending in Photoshop and the Dual Exposure Dynamic Range Extension (DEDRE) articles

Daniel Rocha's Canon Flash Work

NK Guy's Flash Photography for Canon Cameras

Rob Galbraith, a digital photojournalist, publishes a CompactFlash Performance Database

David Rowley's Photoshop tutorials

Mike Rollin's color management essays

The Brian Lawler essays

Interested in Photography and the law?

Some Photography Education Links

A long list of equipment manufacturers

Thinking about Custom White Balance and buying an Expodisc thingy? Well, buried in a thread long ago is this contribution to ExpoDisc clarity by Andre Lam...

If you'd rather use my WonderBra method instead...

I posted a demonstration that shows the results of mixing up the color spaces with the 10D.

And last but not least...a collection of actions created by some talented folks from this site's retouching forum

Hope this provides some good weekend reading.

Good Light and keep truckin'.

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